Radio Silence Broken…and a New Video

I’ve had a busy summer, and I assume you have too, and you’re not sitting around waiting for a random swing dancer (me) to post something on her website (You are here). But, now it’s fall, and you’re sitting instead like–at least if you live in Seattle.  (And, no need to email me about how it’s not grammatically correct to start sentences with “but”.  Or “and”.  Or “or”. )

I spent my summer camping, welcoming Jonathan to my condo, going to the beach, visiting prospective wedding venues, planning Sister Kate‘s latest show, and co-choreographing and rehearsing for my latest routine with Giselle Anguizola and Casey MacGill & Friends. This was an amazing and inspirational experience to work with a like-minded follow on something interesting, gratifying and challenging. Even more so, what freedom to work with Casey to create a musical accompaniment that was exactly what we wanted and needed! Casey heard things in the music and made suggestions; Giselle and I wanted to execute dance steps and made suggestions, and that bucket of talent (of which I contributed a drop to their gallons) resulted in the routine posted here. Enjoy!


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