Casey (Schneider) Koroshec is a lindy hop and vintage jazz dancer, teacher, performer, and choreographer.

Casey’s love of swing and jazz dance and music began in 1998. Today, she brings her experience to students both locally and nationally. Casey is known for her clear teaching style and approachability. Her students develop solid technique while appreciating the playful side of the dance. She also encourages followers to dance themselves as much as they are “danced by” their leader, to be an equal voice in the creation of a dance.

Casey is an accomplished performer, spending years on Seattle’s Jackson Street Lindy Hoppers. She was a founding member of the Sister Kate, an all female performance group specializing in chorus dancing from the golden era of jazz.

Casey most regularly teaches with dancer extraordinaire and jazz guitarist, Michael “Falty” Faltesek. Together, they offer a unique approach imparts practical technical information without sacrificing creativity, musicality, and the excitement for swing dancing.

Casey’s competitive career notably includes first placements in the Camp Jitterbug Jack and Jill, Killer Diller Harvest Moon Lindy Competition, and ULHS Showcase Division. Today, Casey now regularly judges at some of the country’s biggest events, including the International Lindy Hop Championships, Camp Hollywood, Lindy Focus, and Camp Jitterbug. She is the proud winner of the 2015 Seattle Dances! Judges’ Award at the annual professional/celebrity dancer fundraiser and gala for Plymouth Housing Group. Casey also co-produced Savoy Swing Jam, Seattle’s lindy hop competition for one and all, for six years.

Casey’s philosophy is there is no wrong in the art of dance–there is only intent and effectiveness. If you aren’t expressing yourself as an individual, then you’re not doing yourself justice. As a teacher, her job is inspiring you to find your “dancing voice” and towards self-sufficiency in learning.